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Original Equipment Assembled Remanufactured Diesel Engines, Transmissions &
Electronic Control Modules
About Our Team
Products & Services

NationWide Parts Distributors (NPD) is a division of National Parts Wholesalers (NPW). We offer the best quality OE remanufactured Engines,  Transmissions & more. Original Equipment (OE) means the same components that the manufacturers use. We not only supply and distribute remanufactured and used products, we also do some of our own remanufacturing and manufacturing in house, which translates to faster turnaround times for you, our clients. 

  • Original Equipment Remanufactured  & Used Engines

  • Remanufactured & Used Transmissions

  • Front & Rear Axles Assemblies

  • Transfer Cases

  • ​Diesel Engine Control Modules

  • Allision Transmission Modules

  •  Diesel Control Module Programming

Our Vision
Technical Assist Program

Is your truck or piece of equipment down and costing you money? Don't want to pay the highly inflated cost of brand new parts? Why buy new when you can save money with a Quality Remanufactured or Used Product. With more than 30 years of combined experience, we provide the solutions to getting you back on the road fast.

This benefit gets our clients an advantage over any one else. We have 8 ASE Certified Mechanical Master Techs on staff and 4 electrical engineers to help you solve any issue.

Caterpillar Engines
D333 Caterpillar Engines
D342 Caterpillar Engines
D348 Caterpillar Engines
D353 Caterpillar Engines
D379 Caterpillar Engines
D398 Caterpillar Engines
D399 Caterpillar Engines
C7 Caterpillar Engines
C9 Caterpillar Engines
C10 Caterpillar Engines
C11 Caterpillar Engines
C12 Caterpillar Engines
C13 Caterpillar Engines
C15 Caterpillar Engines
C16 Caterpillar Engines
C18 Caterpillar Engines
3024 Caterpillar Engines
3034 Caterpillar Engines
3044 Caterpillar Engines
3046 Caterpillar Engines
3054 Caterpillar Engines​
Perkins Engines
3.152 Perkins Engines
4.108 Perkins Engines
4.236 Perkins Engines
1004.4 Perkins Engines
1004.4T Perkins Engines
1104C Perkins Engines
1104C-44T Perkins Engines
Kobelco Engines
Kobelco Engines
Cummins Engines
4B Cummins Engines
3.9 Cummins Engines
6B Cummins Engines
5.9 Cummins Engines
ISB Cummins Engines
QSB Cummins Engines
6C Cummins Engines
8.3 Cummins Engines
ISC Cummins Engines
L10 Cummins Engines
ISL Cummins Engines
N14 Cummins Engines
M11 Cummins Engines
ISX Cummins Engines
QSX Cummins Engines
VT903 Cummins Engines
1710 Cummins Engines
VTA28 Cummins Engines
KT19 Cummins Engines
KTA19 Cummins Engines
QSX Cummins Engines
KTA38 Cummins Engines
QSK Cummins Engines
KTA50 Cummins Engines
ISM Cummins Engines
QSM 11 Cummins Engines​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Isuzu Engines
4HK1 Engines
6HK1 Engines
Komatsu Engines
S4D95L Engines
S6D95L Engines
S6D105 Engines
S6D110 Engines
S6D125 Engines
S6D140 Engines
S6D170 Engines
Detroit Engines
3-53 Detroit Engines
4-53 Detroit Engines
6V-53 Detroit Engines
3-71 Detroit Engines
4-71 Detroit Engines
6-71 Detroit Engines
6V-71 Detroit Engines
8V-71 Detroit Engines
12V-71 Detroit Engines
16V-71 Detroit Engines
6V-92TA Detroit Engines
8V-92 Detroit Engines
16V-92 Detroit Engines
12V-149 Detroit Engines
16V-149 Detroit Engines
40 Series Detroit Engines
50 Series Detroit Engines
60 Series Detroit Engines
D15 Detroit Engines
Deutz Engines

BF3L1011F Engines

F3L912 Engines

F4L912 Engines

F5L912 Engines

F5L912W Engines

F6L912 Engines

BF3L913 Engines

BF4L913 Engines

BF5L913 Engines

BF6L913 Engines

F3L914 Engines

F4L914 Engines

F5L914 Engines

F6L914 Engines

2L2011 Engines

3L2011 Engines

4L2011 Engines

BF4M1013 Engines

Deutz Engines

BF3L2011 Engines

BF4L2011 Engines

BF2M2011 Engines

BF3M2011 Engines

BF4M2011 Engines

TD2011 Engines

TCD2011 Engines

2M2011 Engines

3M2011 Engines

4M2011 Engines

TCD2012 Engines

TCD2013 Engnes

TCD2015 Engines

BF4M2012 Engines

BF6M2012 Engines

4L1013 Engines

6L1013 Engines

Deutz Engines

BF6M1013 Engines

BF6M1015 Engines

BF8M1015 Engines

BF6L413 Engines

BF8L413 Engines

BF10L413 Engines

BF12L413 Engines

D914L03 Engines

D914L04 Engines

D914L05 Engines

D914L06 Engines

BF3L914 Engines

BF4L914 Engines

BF5L914 Engines

BF6L914 Engines

BF3L1011F Engines

BF2L2011 Engines

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