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Remanufactured Deutz® Engines

         Deutz® original Air Cooled engines were first developed in 1864. This make Deutz the first engine manufacturer. NPDDiesel distributes Deutz® diesel engines & Deutz® parts. Since 1992 NPD's niche has been to supply used and remanufactured engines, transmissions & replacement parts worldwide. NPD customers experience the excellent quality and a professional service at a fraction of the Deutz® OEM price. Deutz® Engines are built for many different types of applications from Bobcat®, Agricultural, Industrial, Marine & Mining. The Deutz® engines also come in Air Cooled, Oil Cooled & Water Cooled styles depending on the type of application.  


         In order to ensure the highest quality Deutz® parts NPD only untilizes new OEM engine components from; Kolbenschmidt Pierburg AG (KS) and ElringKlinger AG (Elring). All other components are then remanufactured back to factory New specifications or better. 

         We supply these Deutz® engines in a couple of different configurations. Some older engines or less popular engines may only be available as a (BOC) Build Owners Core. Mingin applications can only be done as a BOC as they are specifically designed for underground use.   


Deutz F6L914
Deutz F3L912
Deutz F4L912
Deutz F5L912
Deutz 2L2011
Deutz BF2L2011
Deutz BF3L2011
Deutz BF4L2011
Deutz F6L912
Deutz BF2M2011
Deutz F5L914
Deutz F4L914
Deutz F3L914
Deutz BF6L913
Deutz BF5L913
Deutz BF4L913
Deutz BF3L913
Deutz F6L912W
Deutz F5L912W
Deutz F4L912W
Deutz F3L912W
Deutz TCD2012
Deutz 4M2011
Deutz 3M2011
Deutz 2M2011
Deutz TCD2011
Deutz TD2011
Deutz BF4M2011
Deutz BF3M2011
Deutz BF6M1013
Deutz 3L2011
Deutz 4L2011
Deutz BF6M1015
Deutz BF8M1015
Deutz BF6L413
Deutz BF8L413
Deutz BF10L413
Deutz BF12L413
Deutz D914L03
Deutz D914L04
Deutz D914L05
Deutz TCD2013
Deutz BF4M1013
Deutz TCD2015
Deutz BF4M2012
Deutz BF6M2012
Deutz 4L1013
Deutz 6L1013
Deutz D914L06
Deutz BF3L914
Deutz BF4L914
Deutz BF5L914
Deutz BF6L914
Deutz BF3L1011F
Deutz BF4L1011F
Deutz F3L1011
Deutz F4L1011
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