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Cummins 5.9 Diesel 2 Plug ECM's for Dodge Ram & Sterling Pickups

2-Plug Dodge Cummins ECM's

Looking for a Cummins ECM?


We supply Remanufactured Dodge Cummins ECM's, also offering rebuilding of your ECM for certain issues.


The 2003-2007 Dodge Ram 2500 & Dodge Ram 3500 series Trucks utilized the 2 plug Cummins ECM's (Engine Control Module).


AES Diesel is the ONLY manufacturer that programs these to your vehicle so that all your mechanic needs to do is install. To Program the Dodge Cummins ECM to your vehicle we will need your (Vehicle Information Number) VIN # and the Reference # from the valve cover by the oil filler cap. 

Speak with one of Our Cummins ECM Experts today to figure out which service can best help you.


Dodge Cummins ECM Part #'s

3963994, 4090071, 3957300, 3971104, 3971105, 3975241, 3975243, 3971606, 3971608, 4937150, 4931973, 

4931975, 4937149, 4931980, 4931978, 4937148

Dodge Cummins Reference #'s from Valve Cover

3963994 - 53040317AD, 53040317AE, 53040529AA, 53040201AG, 53040202AF

4090071 - 53040529AB

3957300 - 53040317AG

3971104 - 53040529AC

3971105 - 53040317AH

3975241 - 53040317AL, 53040319AM, 53040317AJ

3975243 - 53040529AD, 53040530AD

3971606 - 53040529AD, 53040529AC

3971606 - 53040529AC

4931973 - 53040317AK

4931975 - 53040529AE, 53040529AG, 53040317AK

4937149 - 53040529AE, 53040529AG, 

4931980 - 53040529AF, 53040317AK, 53040317AM, 53040529AE, 53040529AG, 53040319AL, 53040530AF

4931978 - 53040317AM

4937148 - 53040317AK, 53040317AM



Please Verify your Reference # above with the one on your valve cover located by the Oil Fill Cap.

IMPORTANT, We need information to program these modules to your vehicle. Without this information you will not be able to use the ECM without being programmed at the Cummins or Dodge Dealer. If the dealer doesn't know how to program this for you or if you are unsure, please provide the VIN # & Reference # from the valve cover.

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