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Remanufactured Caterpillar® 3126 & C7 Engine Control Modules

Need your 3126 or C7 Caterpillar® Powered truck back on the road? 


NPDDiesel has you covered. We keep Caterpillar® 3126 ECM's & Caterpillar® C7 ECM's modules in stock and they can be delivered tomorrow!


Please make sure you have your Engine Serial Number (ESN) ready when you call. 


Your ESN will start with one of these prefixes:

Caterpillar® C7 ECM's 






Caterpillar® 3126 ECM's


CKM                          HEP

1WM                        8YL

7AS                         9SZ


IMPORTANT We need information to program these modules to your vehicle. Without this information you will not be able to use the ECM without being programmed at the Cummins or Dodge Dealer. If the dealer doesn't know how to program this for you or you are unsure then please provide the VIN # & Reference # from the valve cover.

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