5.9 Cummins ISB 24 Valve Engines for Bus Applications

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Bus Cummins 5.9 Engine Overview

The Bus ISB 5.9-Liter Cummins is used in many applications including step vans, uniform and commercial delivery vehicles. NPD has recently added this product offering for CPL 8136 model years 2002-2006.

NPD utilizes torque plating methods for boring and honing to ensure block straightness, which reduces break-in time and crankcase pressure. In addition, NPD uses OEM or equivalent pistons, rings, bearings, valves and gaskets, 
making sure that this engine will stand the test of time.


Dynomometer Testing

All of NPD's Complete Drop-In engines are 100% dyno tested 
prior to shipment. Computer controls ensure that each 
engine dyno test is conducted under standard, 
repeatable settings. Every engine is run through a warm 
up cycle; three separate cruise segments simulating light, 
medium and heavy throttle condit