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New Cummins® 4.5-L ISB Engines for Industrial Applications

Cummins ISB 4.5-Liter Engine Overview

The ISB 4.5-Liter Cummins engines are used in many applications including Industrial, Automotive & Construction industry. The ISB 4.5 is also used in some Power Generation equipment and water pumping stations. The 4.5 Cummins ISB replaced the mechanical 4B Cummins which had been staple for over 30 years. Some of the new features of the 4.5 ISB is the Common Rail Injection System and the Electronic module controlling them. The Common Rail Fuel System is pressurized up to 23,000 PSI to power the injectors with ample fuel, The Cummins ISB 4.5 Engines is still based of the larger brother the 5.9 like the previous 4B was. The ISB 4.5 Cummins features a longer stroke than the 4B at 5.39 inches. ISB Cummins 4.5 engines range from 99 - 160 HP @ 2,000 - 2,500 RPM'sdepending on application and 301 - 460 lb-ft @ 1,300 - 1,500 RPM Range.  The ISB 4.5-Liter Cummins Engines are Tier III Complaint through the 2015 model years. 



ISB 4.5-Liter Long Block Includes


• Block

• Crankshaft
• Rods

• Oil pump
• Crank gear

• Cam gear
• Piston assemblies

• Camshaft
• Head

• Front gear cover• Oil cooler

• Gasket set

• Valve train (lifters, pushrods & rocker arms)

Isb 4.5-Liter Engine

Please give us  a call with your Engine Serial # to get specilaized pricing for your engine.    1-800-833-0386

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